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Logical Position helps businesses build customer awareness and loyalty through fully managed, targeted email marketing services. We are an email marketing company that takes a unique, data-driven approach to auditing contact lists, creating brand reflective email templates, and building engaging content designed to drive revenue. Our expertise in A/B tests, list segmentation, and targeted communications will ensure proper campaign execution across multiple messaging verticals. Whether you’re looking to drive lead generation or boost ecommerce sales, our email marketing packages will help you reach your goals.

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High Return on Investment

Email marketing can produce a higher ROI than many other marketing channels. Successful businesses can make upwards of $38 for each $1 they spend on their targeted email marketing services.

It’s a Collaboration

We handle the heavy lifting, but no one knows your business better than you. Making sure you’re in the loop is crucial to campaign success. We ensure you always have the ability to view result analytics and are diligent about getting full approval before sending out deliverables.

Track Statistics

We’ll track statistics such as open rates, spam complaints, and conversions and use this information to evaluate how we can adjust our strategy to ensure your company sees continuous growth.

Works on Multiple Devices

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