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When we say “the client comes first,” it’s not corporate fluff — we treat all clients like they are a member of our family. From our PPC to SEO clients, there is a reason our clients stick with us and when you join us you’ll find out why. Check out some of these 1st Position success stories and contact us today to get started!

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“My business has literally quadrupled since hiring 1st Position Ranking. The experience I’ve had since day one has been nothing but a pleasure… easy and effortless. While I was fast asleep counting sheep, Jon his awesome team of savage marketing machines were probably working till sunrise counting ways to beat my competitors! To all my competitors who are in the dust….. here’s your chance to catch up. You now know my secret weapon! You’re welcome!! “

Mitch N

New York, NY

“We are very happy with the work that 1st Position has done on our Google Ads account. Since they have taken over managing the account, it has grown to become our leading source of new Sales leads and revenue. The reps we deal with are super knowledgeable and able to address any questions or concerns we have in a timely manner. Kelly is very attentive and reaches out to us on a regular basis for feedback and to fine-tune our keywords to continue to improve our ad performance. We would recommend 1st Position Ranking to any company looking to increase their web-presence through Google Ads.”

Sharon K

Los Angeles, CA

“We just wanted to take a minute and let you all know how much we appreciate all that you have done for us with this website. You were very patient with us and always made yourselves available. You kept things moving forward and were so helpful through the whole process… and we just wanted you to know how grateful that we are for all of the staff there at 1st Position Ranking! You guys are amazing!!!”

Shane R.

Chicago, IL

“1st Position has been instrumental in helping us improve our Google CPC program. Shaun has been a top-notch consultant that is always on top of managing the multiple campaigns and keywords we focus our efforts on. We have seen steady improvements in our ROI since moving to 1st Position and we couldn’t be any happier at this point.”

Charles S.

Miami, Fl

“1st Position has been a great service for my business. They have helped my business to maintain on top of Google Ads. This service has increased my sales and the amount of customers that have come and inquired about my business services. The staff is excellent. I receive follow up calls each month to review how the different campaigns are going and they are always there to communicate with me when I have any questions. Jon has been my business consultant for my business for quite some time. He has helped me to find the right path with the advertising platform to help my business become a success.”

Randy F.

Dallas, TX

“1st Position has managed our Google Ads account for the past two years. They been able to focus our marketing dollars and refined our advertising goals beyond our expectations. Our consultant Jon follows up with us regularly to make sure everything is OK and is always quick to respond to any requests. We’ve been VERY pleased with the results and look forward to a long relationship with 1st Position Ranking.”

Richard J.

Fort Worth, TX

“I have been with 1st Position from the ground floor. They have helped take my business to the next level with qualified leads and sales. I was losing money on Google ads before when I was trying to manage it on my own, and after 1st Position took over I started getting qualified leads immediately. I have recommended them to all of my friends who own a business, and they have seen success as well. They also get back to you quickly with any updates needed to your campaign.”

Jenny S.

Rockford, TN

“1st Position has been managing my company’s Google Ads account for the past year and has done a great job. The traffic to our site is more relevant and the ads are in a higher position on the search pages than when we did it ourselves. Jon, our business consultant, is very responsive and helps us find ways to make our campaigns better. Go 1st Position Ranking!”

Jack W.

San Francisco, CA

“We started with 1st Position based on a recommendation from a fellow colleague who has had significant success with the agency. In our first month alone, we received more inquiries than ever before! In my business, this is a major WIN for a short sales cycle. 1st Position Ranking has quickly become a must have partnership for my company. Make it one for your company as well!”

Stephen T.

Denver, CO

“Before I was even a customer, every time I talked with the 1st Position team on the phone I learned something new. I was an extreme newbie to Google Ads and honestly had no idea what I was doing. The team gained my trust because they saw that I needed help but never became “pushy” salespeople trying to go after my money. After signing up for an Google Ads contract with 1st Position Ranking, they completely rebuilt my entire account and looking back on the time I was trying to run this machine by myself, no wonder I wasn’t seeing the results I wanted – we weren’t working with the experts! I can’t say enough about the world-class team and customer service that 1st Position Ranking offers. I look forward to a very long term relationship with them!”

Catherine B.

Peoria, IL